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Do you live in California? Are you looking for a payday loan lender that offers bad credit loans? It can be difficult to find a legitimate company that's licensed and regulated by the California Department of Corporations. Many services that offer online loans don't have a physical office in the state and that can be a problem. Consider a payday loan site that offers payday loans in California and find a direct lender that specializes in online payday loans for California residents. This site lists lenders that offer payday and installment loans in California. Most of the online companies listed here will provide loans that range from $300 to $2,000. Applicants must live in California and you will need to submit documents to qualify for a standard payday loan. You can expect to provide bank statements and employment history. Some companies will require a quick payoff and allow early payment with no fees or penalties. Many direct lenders will look past your bad credit. But applicants need to show a checking account with direct depost and verify employment and references to qualify for next day funding. They also feature an online application where you can submit your info and get approval for a cash advance within minutes with same day funding. Do you live in another state? Most states allow some type of short term lending product. As an example, Florida and Texas will permit direct loans like installment loans and cash advances. But there are restrictions on the amount you can borrow and the length of the payment. It's important to know what your individual state lending regulations are and what additional limits are set for payoff amounts and interest rates. In California you need to make sure a payday loan company follows the individual state restrictions that limit interest rates on payday loans to a max of 36%. Also Before you accept a loan or online advance, check on your state restrictions. Also consider traditional loan offers like a personal loan or refinance if you need cash and a higher loan amount. Banks and credit unions will have underwriting requirements that are more stringent. But upon approval you typically see a lower APR and a loan amount that's more than a cash advance. Lastly, be sure to confirm if a lender charges a prepayment penalty for early payoff of any type of short term loan.